Child Life Services


What is Child Life?

Child life is the psychosocial side of pediatric care.  It is helping children to understand why they are at the hospital, and what is happening while they are here.  A child life specialist brings training in child development to the hospital setting and uses various types of play to help promote positive coping skills.

Who is eligible for Child Life Services?

Child life services can be consulted for all age pediatric patients, from birth to 21 years of age.  Additionally, child life services also provides support for children of adult patients facing an end-of-life, or life-limiting condition.

Play is a child's first tool for coping with new, and sometimes overwhelming experiences - such as coming to the hospital. A Certified Child Life Specialist can help make your child's hospital experience a positive one through education and play. Click here to learn more about the services available.

For more information about the child life profession, please watch the video below and visit the Child Life Council website at