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Pediatric and Young Adult Emergency Department

Welcome to The Louise and Henry Epstein Family Pediatric & Young Adult Emergency Department at Rochester General Hospital. Our Pediatric & Young Adult Emergency Department offers complete medical, surgical and psychiatric services. As well as extensive pediatric consultation in infectious diseases, behavioral pediatrics, adolescent medicine, neonatology and lead poisoning.

Your child's health is important to us, which is why the Pediatric & Young Adult Emergency Department has been designed to maximize your child's care, comfort and dignity with increased square footage to reduce crowding, an increased number of patient care rooms, all new equipment, and easier access to radiology services.

What happens in each area?


Triage is the area where a nurse specializing in Pediatrics checks to find who is the sickest. The sickest child is seen first. The nurse will:

  • Ask about your child's health problem
  • Examine your child
  • Check your child's weight, temperature, heart rate, breathing ,blood pressure and oxygen level if needed
  • Decide in what order your child should be seen


Registration begins with a very brief interview by our registration staff and is limited to asking your child’s name and reason for the pediatric emergency department visit. Completion of the registration process will occur after the nurse evaluates your child in triage and may be performed in your child’s room.  We also ask you to show us:

  • Your insurance card
  • Identification to prove that you are the legal guardian of the child (so that you can consent for treatment of the child)

Waiting Room

This is where you wait until we can see your child. Please feel free to use the toys here and the vending machines and snack bar in the main Emergency Department waiting area. However, we ask that you do not bring food or drink into the treatment area of the Pediatric Emergency Department.

Please tell the triage nurse if:

  • Your child seems to be getting sicker
  • Your child needs to use the bathroom (next to the children's waiting room). If needed, the nurse can help your child collect a urine sample.
  • You are leaving the waiting area for a long time
  • Your child wants to eat or drink (make sure it is all right for your child to do this)

What should you expect when you are seen?

  1. A nurse will call you to an exam room
  2. A health care provider (doctor, doctor-in-training, pediatric nurse practitioner) will examine your child
  3. Tests or treatments will be started as needed. You may be asked to leave the room during some tests such as x-rays
  4. When the ED visit is done, your child will be allowed to leave (discharged) or will be admitted to the hospital


We will send a copy of the medical record to the child's regular doctor. We ask you to:

  • Listen and ask questions while we explain home care for your child's health problem
  • Call your child's doctor for follow-up on the health problem and on insurance matters if you are insured by an HMO (Preferred Care, Blue Choice)


If your child is admitted to the Hospital, talk over the plan with the medical staff in the Pediatric Emergency Department. Your child’s primary care doctor will probably visit the next day. We ask you to:

  • Talk to the people in the Admissions office about your child's stay
  • Wait a little longer while your child's hospital room is prepared
  • Have an ED aide take you to the room
  • Meet the floor nurse and ask him or her any questions

Where to Find Us

The Pediatric Emergency Department is located on the ground level and right next to the hospital's main Emergency Department in the Epstein Pavilion.

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