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Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery

Our Rochester Regional Health plastic and reconstructive surgeons are passionate about helping individuals improve function and feel confident with their appearance. Our collaborative approach with experts from every specialty across our system ensures the best possible outcome for every individual, regardless of the complexity of the procedure. 

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Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

This procedure repairs and reconstructs the muscles of the abdominal wall to eliminate any weakness or defect that may be caused from hernias, prior abdominal surgery, or other types of injury to the abdominal wall.

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Breast Reconstruction 

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure that restores the shape and appearance of one or both breasts following a mastectomy. This surgery can restore the symmetry between the two breasts by replacing skin, breast tissue and the removed nipple. There are several different types of breast reconstruction surgery that can be most suitable for your unique circumstances. 

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Facial Injury Reconstruction 

Depending on the extent of your injuries, facial reconstruction may use tissue, skin, bone, or muscle from one part of your body, or implants, to reconstruct new facial features and restore function. Facial reconstruction surgery may be an option for those with facial fractures or other facial trauma such as surgery, illness, nerve paralysis, or genetic malformation.

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Reconstructive Burn Surgery

Reconstructive burn surgery is a procedure performed after the initial wounds from a burn have healed. The goal of the surgery is to increase the function and restore the appearance of the skin. 

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Scar Revision Surgery

Surgical scar revision is an option for patients with scars caused by injury or surgery. The goal of scar revision surgery is to reduce the appearance of the scar and restore function to the part of the body affected. It is important to note that scar revision surgery does not remove the scar completely, but rather reduces its appearance or impact.

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Skin Grafting

Reconstructive skin grafting may be used to replace damaged or missing skin caused by severe burns, injury, or illness. Skin grafting involves removing healthy skin from one area of the body (known as the donor site) and relocating it to another area of the body (known as the recipient site) to restore appearance and function.

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Skin Lesion Removal 

Skin lesions are any type of abnormal growth that develops on the surface of the skin, such as warts, cysts, moles, skin tags, etc. They may be benign (non-cancerous), precancerous, or malignant (cancerous). Skin lesion removal involves the surgical excision of the lesion so it can be properly evaluated and treated. Whether for medical reasons or cosmetic reasons, our experienced plastic surgeons can remove the lesion with minimal trauma to surrounding tissue and the best possible aesthetic result.

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Wound Reconstruction

A chronic, non-healing, or traumatic wound may need reconstructive surgery. Depending on the type of wound, our team applies innovative therapies such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, reconstruction of head and neck wound, limb salvage and treatment of diabetic wounds.

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