In order to provide families access to their critically ill loved one, visiting can occur around the clock. However, it is important for our ICU patients to have periods of rest. In addition, it is important for you, as a family member to be well-rested and care for yourself. For this we encourage you to go home at night and attempt to get some sleep. You are free to call the unit and get a brief condition update if you are the designated contact person.

Only two visitors may be in the patient room at any given time, and only immediate family may visit. Children under 14 years of age are not permitted to visit the ICU due to infection control concerns.


The Park Place Cafe, located a short walk from the main entrance, is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Visitors are welcome.


Flowers, candy, and food are not allowed in the ICU. They may carry infections that can harm patients. (Artificial flowers are permissible.)


The hospital routinely runs drills for patient safety and emergency preparedness. During a fire alarm, room doors and unit doors will automatically close or be closed. Please stay where you are until a staff member signals the alarm is clear.


A telephone is available for your use before entering the ICU to visit. Instructions for use of the telephone are posted on the waiting room wall. This phone does not call out of the hospital. A pay phone is located near the elevators and vending machines if you’d like to call outside of the hospital.

IMPORTANT: Cell phones can be used as long as you are at least five feet away from medical equipment.


For your convenience, an ATM machine is located in the Emergency Center Waiting area.

Chaplain services

Clergy and staff are on call 24 hours a day. If you desire the service of a chaplain of your faith, one of the ICU staff will assist you.