Helping You to get a Good Night's Sleep

At Rochester Regional's Unity Sleep Disorders Center, we see adults, adolescents and older adults. If you have difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or sleeping on a schedule that allows you to function best, you can benefit from our services. And if you have difficulty staying awake during the day, this may indicate an underlying sleep disorder—so we recommend that you seek treatment.

The first step to better sleep is to schedule an evaluation appointment by calling 585.442.4141. You'll meet with a sleep specialist who will do a complete physical evaluation and ask questions about your quality of sleep, sleep habits, and how sleep problems may affect your life.

After a thorough assessment, we'll recommend a specific course of treatment that's tailored to your needs. If more information is needed, your doctor may recommend a sleep study as a next step, a referral to our Insomnia Clinic, changes to your medication, or cognitive/behavioral therapy.

We also send our recommendations to your primary care doctor—we work as a team with your doctor to try to address your sleep issues.