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HIFU for Prostate Cancer

By using MRI-guided biopsies to get a more accurate diagnosis, our prostate cancer experts can now provide even more individualized treatments. Rochester Regional Health's Urology department is the only team in the region with Focal One HIFU, a treatment strategy for prostate cancer that provides the quickest recovery times, precision treatment of the diagnosed tumor, and preservation of quality of life. 

Approximately 200,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer annually. Hear from John Valvo, MD, about why Focal One will provide better outcomes for prostate cancer patients in the future. 


More about Focal One HIFU:

  • Less invasive 
  • No bleeding
  • Rapid recovery
  • Less risk of erectile dysfunction and bladder issues as opposed to other interventions
  • Fewer side effects than chemotherapy and radiation
  • No needles like cryotherapy or radiotherapy ablation
  • Outpatient procedure

Patients may or may not qualify for this procedure. An MRI is needed prior to discuss treatment options with your urologist. 

See How It's Helping Patients

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