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Annual Pap Smear

I have been told that I no longer need an annual pap smear, is this true?

Answer: In short, yes! This is true. With normal results, you do not need an annual cervical cancer screening with the Papanicolaou test—commonly called a pap test or the more outdated “pap smear.” We now recommend those 21 to 30 years old to have screening every 3 years, 30 to 65 years old will be screened every 5 years, and 65 and older no longer need screening. These recommendations change with abnormal results, so be aware that your individualized plan may vary

We do, however, recommend visiting your midwife every year for a well-woman visit. Depending on your age, there are different recommended wellness screens that need to be done, and by seeing you every year we can insure you are getting the care and testing needed. 

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