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Rochester Regional Health Midwifery Services offers a new kind of prenatal care called CenteringPregnancy. Taking place in a group setting, CenteringPregnancy combines pregnancy and childbirth education, healthy snacks, extra time with your provider and support for you and your new baby.

Why choose CenteringPregnancy?

CenteringPregnancy is associated with better pregnancy outcomes – pregnancies are more likely to go to full term, and babies are more likely to achieve a healthy birth weight.  Moms are armed with tons of education about healthy choices and danger signs, so they can take better care of themselves and recognize when something is not right.  Why? It’s simple. Healthier you, healthier baby. 

How is CenteringPregnancy different from traditional prenatal care?

Some things are the same – For instance, you get the same number of prenatal care assessments, the same prenatal screening tests and the same pregnancy supervision as you do in traditional prenatal care. What’s different?  Time, knowledge and support, that’s what.  You get way more time with your provider. Your time is valued – CenteringPregnancy appointments *always*  start and end on time *and* you know your appointment dates and times from the very beginning of pregnancy (so you can plan ahead with your job and family). 

You get tons of pregnancy-specific education: Participants learn more about their pregnancies, breastfeeding, childbirth, pain management, nutrition and much, much more. All without going to extra appointments. You also get one very important thing for a healthy pregnancy that medical providers cannot give: support from other women who are going through the same thing as you are.

Get started with Midwifery care

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