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Midwives' Role During Birth

Where will my baby be born and who will deliver it if I have a midwife? 

Rochester Regional Health's midwives deliver at our beautiful birthing centers at Rochester General Hospital and Newark-Wayne Community Hospital. If you choose to work with a midwife, your baby will be delivered (or caught as we like to say) by one of the Rochester Regional Midwives.

We recommend touring your selected birthing center before it is time to give birth. For more information or to sign up for a tour, please call 585.922.5465 for RGH or 315.332.2230 for Newark-Wanye.

If I choose a midwife, can I still have an epidural? 

Our goal is to empower and educate you to have the kind of pregnancy and birth you desire. There is no ‘right birth’ for all women. We will support you in developing a birth plan and will partner with you to make that plan a reality while keeping in mind the dynamic nature of birth.

Although we do not currently offer water births, we do encourage you to labor in the Jacuzzi or shower. Narcotics and epidurals are available for pain relief if needed or desired. We encourage you to give birth in the position and manner that works best for you!

How many people can be in the room while I give birth? 

This is your birth! You get to choose what type of experience you want, and whom you want there. Some women want a ‘private birth’ and desire only their spouse or partner to be present. Other women labor more effectively and confidently with the support of their family members and friends.

However, please keep in mind that the hospital limits the total number of support people in the room at any time to four for safety considerations. Older children are also welcome to be part of your birth experience. We encourage each child to have his or her own support person and to be prepared ahead of time as to what to expect.

Get started with Midwifery care

Meet our Rochester Regional Health Midwifery team or call (585) 922-LINK (5465) to schedule a meet and greet or appointment today.