Robotic Gynecological Surgery

Robotic surgery provides a minimally invasive option for gynecologic surgeries and is one of the most accepted and effective treatments for a Facing any kind of gynecologic surgery can create a great deal of anxiety. The most common concerns for most women are: “Will my body function normally following surgery?” and “How long will my recovery take?” Traditional open gynecologic surgery—in which larger incisions are made to access the reproductive organs—has been the standard approach when surgery is warranted. The discomfort after surgery and extended time away from normal daily activities that usually follows traditional surgery can understandably cause significant anxiety.
Fortunately, robotic surgery now offers a new minimally invasive option for complex or delicate gynecologic surgeries and is one of the most accepted and effective treatments for a number of gynecologic conditions, including cervical and uterine cancer, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, uterine prolapse and menorrhagia or excessive bleeding. Robotic-assisted gynecologic surgery minimizes the pain and risk associated with large incisions, reduces surgical trauma and scarring, and increases the likelihood of a quicker recovery

Conditions We Treat 

  • Endometrial cancer (uterine cancer)
  • Endometriosis
  • Menorrhagia (heavy menstrual bleeding)
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Uterine prolapse
  • Vaginal prolapse

Treatments We Provide

  • Robotic Hysterectomy
  • Robotic Myomectomy (removal of uterine fibroids)
  • Robotic oophorectomy (removal of the ovaries)
  • Robotic Sacrocolpopexy (treatment for uterine or vaginal prolapse)
  • Tubal ligation (having ones “tubes tied”)

Our team is committed to providing you with superior care and will work with you and your primary care physician to determine whether robotic surgery is a viable option for your treatment.

If you have any additional questions or would like more information about robotic gynecologic surgery, please contact us at any time.

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Our Robotic Gynecology Surgeons


Paul Cabral, MD *

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Tamara E. DiNolfo, MD

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 Wendy Albano-Dwyer, MD


Neelam Sharma, MD

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 Marc H. Eigg, MD *


Rehan Asif, MD

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 Marc Greenstein, MD *


Mohamad Mahmoud, MD *


* = Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology (COEMIG) Designated Physician.