Steps to Become a NWCH Volunteer

Thank you for considering volunteering your time and talent at Newark-Wayne Community Hospital or DeMay Living Center!  To prepare volunteers for an acute care hospital or nursing home setting, and to protect the patients and community we serve, the on-boarding process for new volunteers is somewhat extensive. 

Since you will potentially work with patients, their families and visitors, we are obligated to provide a comprehensive health review and criminal background screening to ensure, to the best of our ability, your safety and the community's safety. Also, the New York State Department of Health requires that all volunteers meet established health and education mandates prior to placement and that they be updated annually.

The following is a step-by-step outline for prospective volunteers:

Step 1: Complete a volunteer application form

Mail or deliver the fully completed application to:

Marie Burnham, Manager of Volunteer Resources
Newark-Wayne Community Hospital & DeMay Living Center
P.O. Box 111
Driving Park Avenue
Newark, NY 14513

Step 2: Interview with volunteer department

Request a 30-minute interview with the Volunteer department to discuss your skills, availability, interests, and goals to identify potential volunteer position(s).   Bring a photocopy of your photo ID with you.

Step 3:  Criminal background check

Step 4: Complete a health review questionnaire

Print and complete the required Health Review Questionnaire for adults or the Health Review Questionnaire for minors and then follow up with Employee Health Services.

Mail or deliver the fully completed health evaluation to:

Team Member Health Services
Newark-Wayne Community Hospital & DeMay Living Center
P.O. Box 111
Driving Park Avenue
Newark, NY 14513

Step 5:  Review of volunteer information

The completed application, interview notes, health assessment paperwork, reference letters and criminal background check information are reviewed by the Volunteer Department to ensure that the potential volunteer position is suitable for the candidate.

Step 6:  Attend volunteer orientation and training

Complete Volunteer General Orientation and Training Session

Step 7:  Congratulations!  

The process is complete.  The Volunteer Department will contact you regarding placement and further training, as appropriate.