Volunteering at Rochester General Hospital


Heal Hearts. Make a Difference. Feel Fulfilled.

Our Mission

Our volunteers participate in the organization's humanitarian mission to alleviate suffering and help people heal by connecting with patients and their families at key moments during their healthcare experience.

Rochester General Hospital offers a variety of volunteer opportunities that position volunteers to "be there" for patients and their families:

  • Reducing confusion by walking and/or wheelchair assisting them to where they need to go;
  • Keeping a patient company by sitting at the bedside with a patient who might otherwise be alone;
  • Responding to patients' comfort needs with an extra blanket, warm washcloth, pillow, etc.;
  • Brightening a patient's day with a flower delivery.

"Volunteers contribute greatly to personalizing, humanizing, and demystifying hospitalization." (Frampton S, Guastello S, Brady C, Hale M, Horowitz S, Bennett Smith S, Stone S. Patient-Centered Care Improvement Guide. Derby, Connecticut: Planetree; October 2008.)


Volunteers must:

  • Be 14 years of age and have graduated 8th grade
  • Make a commitment of 3-4 hours per week for at least three (3) months

To get started, see the "In This Section" menu (to the right) for the volunteer type that best matches your current situation.


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For information, contact Volunteer Services at 585.922.3725 or 585.922.4328 or email douglas.dellapietra@rochesterregional.org