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Rochester General Hospital Infectious Diseases Fellowship

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Rochester General Hospital Infectious Diseases Fellowship

About the Program

The RGH Infectious Diseases Fellowship program’s overall goal is to provide a multifaceted and dynamic training experience for budding infectious diseases physicians. During the two-year training program, the ID fellows provide care for patients with a range of infectious diseases conditions and obtain valuable learning experiences in hospital patient safety and quality programs such as infection prevention and control, antibiotic stewardship and OPAT. You will have the opportunity to work closely within a dynamic multidisciplinary team which includes advanced practice providers, skilled nurses, clinical pharmacy specialists, infection preventionists, microbiologists and laboratory technicians. These collaborative practices will enhance the quality of infectious diseases care, and foster durable professional relationships.

Goals of Fellows completing the RGH Infectious Diseases Fellowship program include:

1. To obtain clinical competence by experiencing comprehensive training in both inpatient and outpatient settings for a broad range of infectious diseases.

2. To acquire a knowledge base and cognitive skills to be an effective independent ID physician.

3. To develop personal life-long learning skills and establish a strong foundation for continued professional growth.

4. To have knowledge of quality assurance, quality improvement and healthcare finance in reference to one’s individual practice of infectious diseases as well as the health care system.

5. To obtain a basic understanding of critical review of medical literature, research design, informed consent, ethics in research and communication of research results.

Program Director’s Letter

Dear colleague! Welcome to our program.

Our fellowship program aims to create an environment that prepares leaders in integrative and innovative general Infectious Diseases care. We are here to support realization of your educational and professional goals.

We offer robust training in clinical infectious diseases in a busy healthcare system encompassing several hospitals. Rochester General Hospital has an LVAD service, oncology/hematology wards, several ICUs, and is on track to establish a stem cel transplant program. Unity hospital offers comprehensive hepatitis and HIV care clinic. You will have the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with our superb, innovative infection preventionists and the IDSA designated Center of Excellence antibiotics stewardship program members. At the trying time of the COVID-19 pandemic, our department participated as a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine and therapeutics clinical trials site. We make a difference.

Our program's values reflect the personal values of our members: community-orientation, inclusiveness, quality improvement, and pursuit of knowledge and innovations. Above all, we strive to prepare specialists who can make their communities healthier. We encourage fellow participation in quality improvement projects within rotations intended to develop leadership skills, a must-have aptitude for infectious disease specialists.

In 2013 I rotated in Rochester General Hospital as a fellow. Two years later, I had the honor to joint my teachers as an infectious diseases consultant and worked my way to the supervisor of the Outpatient Parenteral Antibiotics Therapy (OPAT) service and the Program director. Take advantage of our novelty program and work with our topmost experienced educators and impactful mentors. My rotation in RGH as a fellow influenced my personal and professional development, and I hope you can have the same experience here.

Review prolific publications of the ID department members, contact us with ask questions, and join us!


Olga Vasylyeva, MD.