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From the comfort of home or wherever you are, you can now access virtual urgent care 7 days a week. If allergies, a cold or flu, or other common illnesses are slowing you or your family down, schedule an ExpressCare virtual urgent care visit today.

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What is ExpressCare?

ExpressCare acts as a virtual urgent care, providing on-demand, virtual visits with a Rochester Regional Health provider, 7 days a week. Visits are currently available Monday - Friday, 9 am - 9 pm, and Saturday - Sunday, 9 am - 5 pm for patients ages 2 and older, located in New York State.

All you need to schedule an ExpressCare virtual visit is:

  • MyCare account to access Rochester Regional Health’s online patient portal
    • If you don’t have a MyCare account, you can sign up here or call (585) 922-TELE (8353).
  • Smartphone, tablet or a desktop computer with a camera and microphone

Scheduling an ExpressCare Visit

Get the urgent care you need, wherever you are. ExpressCare is easily accessible through MyCare or by calling (585) 922-TELE (8353). To request a virtual urgent care visit, you'll need to follow these simple steps

Express Care - Step 1
1. Log into your MyCare Account
Express Care - Step 2
2. Go to the main menu
Select "On-Demand Video Visit - RRH ExpressCare"
3. Select "On-Demand Video Visit - RRH ExpressCare"
Express Care - Step 4
4. Confirm your location
Express Care - Step 5
5. Choose "General Video Visit"
Express Care - Step 6
6. Tap "Put me in line"
Express Care - Step 7
7. Enter the reason for your visit
Express Care - Step 8
8. Complete the eCheck-In process
Express Care - Step 9
9. When you receive a notification that your provider is ready to see you, tap "Begin Visit"
TytoCare Medical Exam Device

TytoCare Medical Exam Kit

You can enhance your ExpressCare visit with the help of the TytoCare Medical Examination Kit. The hand-held exam kit and linked TytoCare app give your provider real-time access to heart and lung sounds, body temperature, heart rate, and videos/images of the inner ears, skin, and throat for a more thorough visit.

TytoCare Medical Exam Kit

Commonly Treated Symptoms

A virtual ExpressCare visit is suggested for non-emergency conditions including:


Bug Bites



Ear Infections


Pink Eye


Sinus Pain

Stomach Aches

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have additional questions or need assistance, please contact Rochester Regional Health ExpressCare at (585) 922-TELE (8353).