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Cost Estimates

Obtaining and understanding the price for a planned service or procedure can be a confusing process. That’s why at Rochester Regional Health, we offer an online price estimator tool and a full team ready to help provide estimates for the cost of a planned hospital or physician service.

The amount provided is an estimate based on the information we have about the services you have planned and any insurance coverage you may have. During the course of treatment, the services you receive may change or deviate from the plan, which would result in a different price.

What You’ll Need to Get a Cost Estimate

To request an estimate for your planned services, please have the following information ready information:

  • Procedure code CPT** or name of service to be performed
  • Patient name and date of birth
  • Insurance information (if any)
  • Phone number
  • Service location

** For the most accurate estimate, please contact your referring physician's office and ask for the specific procedure code. A Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code is a medical code set that is used to report medical services to physicians and health insurance companies.

For more information on cost estimates and what they mean, visit our Price Transparency information page or the Healthcare Financial Management Association consumer resource guide

Using Our Cost Estimate Tool

Get Started

To view real-time estimates of your planned treatment, use the link above and:

  • Enter a keyword, name or CPT code for your procedure. As stated above, the CPT code from you referring physician will get you the most accurate estimate. You can also browse by category.
  • Choose your insurance provider.
  • Enter your insurance details (first name, last name, date of birth, member number, group number and policy holder) if applicable.
  • Choose the location where you’ll be receiving the service.

You’ll then be provided an estimate of the anticipated charges that Rochester Regional Health would bill to insurance for services rendered and your out-of-pocket costs. The estimate is based on the information provided at the time of request and is not a guarantee of final out-of-pocket costs. Factors that may change your costs include:

  • Changes in your treatment plan and services provided
  • Receiving care at a different location than was estimated
  • Receiving care between the date of the estimate and the date of your service

We cannot guarantee coverage or payment by applicable insurance providers and encourage you to contact your provider directly for more information about your coverage and benefits.

In accordance with the No Surprise Bill Act, Rochester Regional Health will provide a good faith estimate for services scheduled for a patient upon request. The good faith estimate will include items that are reasonably expected to be provided in conjunction with the scheduled service. The good faith estimate can be provided in the patient’s language upon request.

Contact the Cost Estimate Team

Contact us via email at:

[email protected]

Or contact us via phone: 

Financial Aid

Rochester Regional Health is committed to caring for patients regardless of their ability to pay. We have a Financial Assistance Program to assist individuals reconciling their financial responsibility.

Financial aid may be granted to patient's based on their household income and size. Payment plans are also available after services have been rendered.

For more information on Rochester Regional Health's Financial Assistance Program, please contact our Help Me Apply Line at (585) 922-1001 or via email [email protected].