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Media Relations

All media requests for interviews, filming or photographs of staff, patients or patient families must be approved by a member of the Rochester Regional Health Media/Public Relations staff. Media representatives visiting our locations must be escorted by a media/pr staff person. To book an interview, contact our Media Relations team:

Jessica Sanderson
Senior Public Relations Advisor

Veronica Chiesi-Brown
Public Relations Advisor

Derek DeSol
Public Relations Advisor


Check out our newsroom for the latest on Rochester Regional Health, including press releases, interviews with care team members on the latest healthcare trends and other helpful information. Visit the Rochester Regional Health Newsroom >

Release of Patient Information

Patients' and families' confidentiality and privacy are of the utmost importance to us. Information about the condition of a patient will be released only if the inquiry specifically contains the patient's name and the patient or a legal guardian has authorized the release. Rochester Regional Health will not release a patient’s name to the media but we can confirm a patient’s name, age, sex, and condition, as recommended by the American Hospital Association.