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Lipson Cancer Institute

When it comes to cancer, you need the best team in your corner.

Why Choose Us

The Lipson Cancer Institute brings some of the top cancer care in the world right to Rochester and the Western New York region. The Lipson Cancer Institute was founded on a commitment to provide comprehensive cancer care from one integrated program, in which experts in hematology/oncology, radiation treatment and surgical oncology work to treat the unique needs of each patient. Each day, our highly trained and dedicated oncology teams utilize leading-edge medical technology to create and administer personalized cancer treatment plans for our patients.
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Your Cancer Specialists

  • Medical Oncologists

    Will develop a chemotherapy treatment plan best suited to your needs.  

  • Surgeons

    Remove cancerous tissue, perform procedures to reduce pain and offer reconstructive and preventative surgery. 

  • Diagnostic Imaging Professionals

    Provide screening for potentially life-saving early detection, diagnosis, and surveillance. 

  • Genetic Counselors

    Perform genetic testing to determine if you are at high risk for certain kinds of cancers even before screening and counseling. 

  • Radiation Oncologists

    Offer multiple ways to deliver targeted high energy x-rays to stop cancer cells from growing.

  • Hematologists

    Specialize in malignant and nonmalignant blood diseases.

  • Pathologists and Cytologists

    Diagnose biopsies quickly and accurately.

  • Patient-Centered Staff

    Includes rolls such as nurses, navigators, social workers and support staff to help patients and their loved ones.  

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The Latest in Cancer Care

The Lipson Cancer Institute is a recognized leader in the treatment of cancer and blood disorders. Our oncology and hematology physicians are board certified in their specialties and the Institute encompasses all disciplines that contribute to the care of cancer and hematology patients. As a clinical research affiliate of the noted Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, we employ the most up-to-date, innovative therapies and tap into the most promising research in cancer detection and diagnosis. This commitment to clinical innovation helps our patients enjoy higher success rates, fewer treatment-related side effects and longer, healthier lives.

Learn about our cancer diagnosis and treatment expertise
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Find Cancer Care Near You

Our Lipson Cancer Institute teams provide care across the Western and Central New York regions and in a variety of clinical settings, ranging from hospital inpatient care in Rochester to outpatient settings in communities further from the city. Our goal is to provide the latest in cancer care and the best possible outcomes in a way that is convenient and easy for each of our patients. 

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Meet Our Experts

Our multidiscipline team of highly-trained physicians are here to provide you and your love ones with comprehensive cancer care.

Meet Our Team

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Give Now

When you give to the Lipson Cancer Institute at Rochester Regional Health, you are giving our patients the chance to cope with the difficulties of life,  recover from the traumatic, or survive the potentially fatal. You are helping them restore hope and live life to the fullest.

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2018 annual report

2018 Lipson Cancer Institute Annual Report

Download the latest Lipson Cancer Institute annual report to learn about our latest accomplishments and get a sneak peak of exciting new projects on the horizon.  

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2017 Lipson Cancer Institute Annual Report

Download the 2017 Lipson Cancer Institute annual report to learn about our 2017 accomplishments.

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