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Safety & Security

Keeping our campuses and community safe

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Safety & Security

The Rochester Regional Health Security teams support and protect our patients, visitors, staff and community at locations throughout our Western New York and Finger Lakes region footprint.

Our Security Officers

Security officers patrol the Rochester Regional Health hospitals and other locations 24 hours a day, helping to maintain a safe and secure environment. Our officers work to ensure that our locations remain safe places of healing and hope for our communities.

Emergency Response

Our officers respond to incidents and investigate emergent situations throughout the Rochester Regional Health system, around-the clock. We coordinate closely with local police and other emergency response teams. 

If you are experiencing an emergency, please dial 9-1-1.

Fire or disaster drills are held periodically and may occur while you are in the hospital. Hospital personnel have received extensive training in the handling of emergency situations and drills. At all times, follow the instructions of hospital staff in such emergencies. We are doing everything possible to ensure your safety while you are in the hospital.

Security Escorts

Our parking division assists with providing parking services and escorts to any patient, visitor or employee, who would like an escort to any of our hospital campus garages or lots.

Lost and Found

If you or a family member has lost an item at a Rochester Regional Health facility in the last 30 days, contact the location’s main number and ask to be transferred to security. We manage the lost and found repositories for our key locations.

Protecting Valuables

Patients coming for an inpatient stay at any Rochester Regional Health hospital are encouraged to leave all valuables at home. If you need to secure a valuable during your stay, please request that your nurse or provider contact the Security office for assistance.

If you wear dentures, eyeglasses or contact lenses, you should keep them in protective containers, labeled with your name, when not in use. Never place dentures on meal trays, put them under your pillow, or wrap them in napkins, otherwise they may be easily lost.

Employee Training

The Rochester Regional Health Security team is actively involved in training all staff in preparing for responding to emergency situations, recognizing risks and preventing violence. Training includes:

  • Preventing workplace violence
  • Managing aggressive behavior
  • Active shooter response