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Powering Up Sustainable Energy

Dedicated to sourcing all of our electricity from renewable means by 2025

Our commitment to minimizing healthcare's carbon footprint.

We at Rochester Regional Health believe in the close relationship between the well-being of our community, environment, and our financial health. Guided by this belief, we manage all our resources conscientiously, aiming to limit our environmental footprint and spearhead sustainability initiatives in the Northeast.

Though it is known that hospitals consume more than double the energy than typical commercial buildings and generate significant waste per patient, Rochester Regional Health is steadfast in breaking this norm.

Our Sustainability Department is devoted to refining the healthcare experience, preserving a robust environment, and curbing healthcare costs. We're actively managing waste, eliminating harmful substances, and fostering a sustainable community for now and future generations.

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Our journey so far

We're proud of the strides we've made since 2015
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20% of our produce is locally sourced
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17.9M+ kWh in annual energy efficiency savings
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15.8M+ lbs. in annual greenhouse gas emission reduction
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45,482 light bulbs upgraded to LED
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34,000+ solar panels installed
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440,000 ft2 of LEED-certified space designed
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$2.4M+ annually saved through renewables, energy efficiency, and waste reduction initiatives
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$1.9M+ lbs. of materials recycled annually

Our Focus Areas

  • Built Environment

    Building healing spaces that are as healthy for the environment as they are for our patients and staff.

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  • Reducing and Diverting Waste

    Implementing innovative solutions to harness natural resources and putting waste materials to better use.

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  • Sustainable Food Sourcing and Waste Management

    Empowering local farmers while limiting food waste throughout our locations.

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  • Sustainable Purchasing

    Choosing products that lower our energy consumption, utilize safer chemicals, and are sourced from responsible companies.

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  • Energy Systems and Conservation

    It's not just about using less, but also about using better. We're upgrading our systems to boost energy efficiency.

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  • Community Outreach and Education

    Creating opportunities for students to get hands-on experience while making a tangible impact on our community.

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Resource Reminder

Sustainability is a global problem with everyday solutions. Following the simple steps outlined below are just a few ways to make your own individual contribution towards a more sustainable future. Our patients and staff, from today and tomorrow, thank you.

    Switch off lights in empty rooms
    Report leaky windows, doors, faucets, or fixtures to [email protected]
    If responsible for equipment, consider energy-saving or lower water use models
    Change default printer settings to double-sided
    Take the stairs – saves energy and burns calories
    Turn computers off or change to “Sleep” mode when not in use
    If you normally use three paper towel or napkins, try two. If two, try one
    Think before you print or copy. Really necessary? If so, recycle when you no longer need it
    Use reusable water bottles or coffee mugs whenever possible

Get Involved

If you have insights, suggestions, or would like to participate more proactively in our sustainability initiatives, we encourage you to get in touch.
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