Bone and Joint (Orthopedics)

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Personalized Bone and Joint Care

What if a simple activity – picking up your grandchild, going for a walk or throwing a baseball – wasn’t simple at all? At any age, orthopedic conditions can keep us from the basic tasks that mean so much.

At Rochester Regional Health, we help patients function at their highest potential. Using advanced and proven techniques and drawing on the resources and talents of our full regional network, our team will provide you with personalized care – and the freedom of a happy, active life.

With several comprehensive orthopedic practice locations across our region, our highly-trained providers will help you regain full function quickly and at a location that is convenient for you.

Are Your Joints Causing You Pain?

Is joint pain causing you to miss out on things you enjoy? Take our online knee and hip joint pain assessment to find out whether your pain is normal, or something more severe.

Our Bone and Joint Specialties

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Find our comprehensive orthopedic practice locations near you. Our highly-trained providers will help you regain full function, quickly and at a convenient location.

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Orthopedic Urgent Care Now Available

Our orthopedic urgent care location provides quick and convenient care for your orthopedic needs. Visit us today for expert treatment and fast relief.

Henrietta Campus

First in the region to perform the MACI procedure

Innovation in Sports Medicine

The MACI procedure – a knee repair that regenerates the patient's own cartilage and cells to heal. It provides long-lasting pain relief and improves the patient's overall function.

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Optimal Care for Older Adults

Focused on recognizing the unique physiological, social, and treatment goals of our aging surgical patients, our Geriatric Surgery Program was the first of its kind in the United States. Offered at Unity Hospital, Newark-Wayne Community Hospital, and Clifton Springs Hospital, this program provides patients with personalized surgical plans created to meet their needs and ideal outcomes.

Learn More about the Geriatric Surgery Program

Explore Our Bone and Joint Specialties

  • Leaders in Joint Replacement

    More people turn to our skilled surgeons for hip, knee and shoulder replacements than any health system in the Rochester region. That unmatched experience has brought exceptional results to thousands of patients – and can do the same for you.I

    See Your Joint Replacement Options
  • Sports Medicine, On and Off the Field

    Whether you’re injured on the field, on the job or in your backyard, the Sports Medicine teams of Rochester Regional Health are uniquely qualified to help you get back on your feet quickly.

    Learn about our Sports Medicine Program
  • Upper Extremity

    The Rochester Regional Health Upper Extremity program is home to expert providers specially trained in diagnosing and treating conditions of your upper extremities. From flexor tendon and nerve injuries to shoulder impingement and shoulder instability issues, you will receive seamless care focused on your mobility and function.

    Learn About Our Upper Extremity Program
  • Expert Care for Shoulder Pain

    We know that shoulder pain or injury can slow you down – leading to difficulty sleeping and performing simple tasks. If you are experiencing shoulder-related pain and limitations, it's our expert providers are here to accurately diagnose and treat the cause of your pain.

    Learn More about Our Shoulder Pain Program
  • Take the First Step Toward Relief of Foot Pain

    The Rochester Regional Health Foot & Ankle Center provides one central, efficient access point for patients with foot and ankle conditions. We’ll help you connect with a specialist who will carefully evaluate your condition, review treatment options with you and recommend a course of action.

    Learn about our Foot & Ankle Program
  • More than 50 Years of Experience in Spine Care

    The expert providers in our Orthopaedic Spine program are specialty-trained in spinal stenosis, disc herniation, arthritis, spinal deformities, spinal trauma and injuries, infection, tumors, and revision spine surgery. Our program takes a conservative approach wherever possible, and our providers will carefully assess you before developing a personalized treatment plan that fits your lifestyle.

    Learn More about Orthopaedic Spine Care

Are Your Joints Causing You Pain?

Is joint pain causing you to miss out on things you enjoy? Take our online knee and hip joint pain assessment to find out whether your pain is normal, or something more severe.

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