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Price Transparency

Rochester Regional Health provides quality care to patients, regardless of ability to pay. We are committed to treating all patients with compassion and providing excellent care, through the entire healthcare experience.  

Concern about an inability to pay a hospital bill should never get in the way of receiving essential health services. Learn more about financial assistance options at Rochester Regional Health

Understanding Costs for Hospital Procedures & Services

COVID-19 Testing: The price of a COVID-19 test at all Rochester Regional Health facilities is $107.73. Based upon the funding and programs available to date patients will not be responsible for COVID-19 test costs.

We offer a consumer pricing hotline in an effort to provide a better understanding of what charges and out-of-pocket payment (cost) patients could incur for the specific procedure or service rendered. Rochester Regional Health’s consumer pricing hotline can be reached by calling (585) 922-COST (2678) Monday – Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm. Learn more about our cost estimate process

We also offer information on average charges by hospital. Average charges are NOT the amount that is paid by your insurance or the out-of-pocket cost for the consumer. Your cost and the amount your insurer pays depends on your unique insurance plan.

For more information on average charges, view our frequently asked questions or browse average covered charges by hospital below:

If you have any concerns about your ability to pay a Rochester Regional Health bill, contact our financial assistance team at (585) 922-1001.

Frequently Asked Questions