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Local Soldiers

Many local soldiers from the surrounding communities were treated at the City Hospital. The below listed individuals are just four examples of soldiers sent back to their local communities to convalesce from their wounds.

carter 1
Private David A. Carter

Private David A. Carter enlisted at Rochester into the 108th N.Y. Volunteer Infantry on August 6, 1862. He was wounded on June 17, 1864 at the Battle of Petersburg Va. And later transferred to the General Hospital at Portsmouth Grove, R.I., then to the Rochester City Hospital where he was treated and eventually was discharge on May 31, 1865.

carter 2

traugott 1
1st Lt. Christian Traugott

First Luetenant Christian Traugott enlisted at Rochester into the 108th N.Y. Volunteer Infantry on August 6, 1862. Wounded at the Battle at Cold Harbor on June 3, 1864, and he then was transferred to Harewood General Hospital at Washington, then to the Rochester City Hospital on Sept 9, 1864 for treatment. He was discharge on May 28, 1865 at Bailys Rounds Cross Virginia.

traugott 2

smith 1
Henry “Razor Strap” Smith

Henry Smith was the Rochester City Hospital’s first volunteer. Smith enlisted in the 140th NY Volunteers in August 1862. He served as a hospital attendant and stretcher bearer, and was wounded at the Battle of Gettysburg on July 2, 1863. He returned to Rochester on furlough to await discharge and volunteered at the City hospital soon after to care for soldiers recovering from wounds received in Grant’s Virginia Campaign.

palmer 1
Oscar C. Palmer

Oscar Palmer was a private in company B, Eighth New York Volunteer Cavalry and one of the last of the 448 soldiers to be treated at Rochester City Hospital. Palmer was from Ontario in Wayne County. He enlisted in 1864 and became a casualty late in the war. On May 20, 1865, he was transferred from Lincoln Hospital in Washington, D.C. to City Hospital. He was discharged a month later. (Courtesy of Catherine P. Field)


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