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Hip Pain Relief

Rochester Regional Health’s Joint Replacement Program offers the full range of options for hip replacement, including partial hip replacements which are typically performed after an injury and total hip replacements, which are a common treatment for hip pain or stickiness caused by arthritis.

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Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Total hip replacement surgery has a high success rate and the approaches used by our expert hip replacement surgeons often result in a fast recovery and a quick return to activity.

Total hip replacement procedures (also called total hip arthroplasty) involve removing the damaged cartilage and bone from your hip before replacing them with prosthetic components.

Steps for a Successful Total Hip Replacement

  • hip replacement femoral head replaced by a metal stem

    Step 1

    First, the femoral head is removed and replaced by a metal stem, which is either cemented or pressed to fit.

  • hip replacement metal socket

    Step 2

    Next, a metal socket is placed to replace the hip socket that has been worn away with damaged cartilage.

  • hip replacement metal or ceramic ball

    Step 3

    A metal or ceramic ball—a replacement for the femoral head that was removed—is then placed at the upper part of the metal stem.

  • hip replacement spacer

    Step 4

    Lastly, a spacer made of medical-grade plastic is inserted between the new ball and socket to create a smooth gliding surface.

Anterior Hip Replacement

Several of our orthopedic surgeons have strong expertise in anterior hip replacement surgery. During this surgery, your orthopedic surgeon accesses the hip joint through the front of the hip rather than the back – as in traditional approaches.

Benefits of the anterior hip replacement or anterior hip arthroplasty include:

  • A smaller incision
  • Less muscle damage
  • No motion restrictions after surgery
  • Improved accuracy of implant positioning
  • Reduced chance of hip dislocation
  • Quicker recovery times

Talk to your doctor or make an appointment with our team using the contact information below to see if you are a candidate for the anterior hip approach. Patients who are significantly obese or have a large abdomen, with certain prior hip injuries or surgeries, and with unusual congenital hip deformities may not be candidates for this approach.

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Chuck’s Story: Hip Replacement and a Hole-in-One

“I had my hip replaced, my knee pain went away completely and three-quarters of my back pain went away.”

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Same Day Total Joint Replacements

Many of our patients have their joint replacement at one of our convenient ambulatory surgery centers and are home that same day. The approaches we use allow for faster recovery and less pain.

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