Patient-Centered Medical Home

A Proven Approach to a Healthier You

Rochester Regional Health primary care practices have been involved in a progressive model of care since 2010 that looks at healthcare from a different perspective. Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a nationally recognized program that brings patients together with doctors, nurses, and other members of the care team to focus on helping patients get healthy and stay healthy every day. It’s not a place but rather a partnership with your primary care provider.

Healthier patients don’t need to come to the doctor’s office as often. They have more time to spend with their families and friends and on their work and hobbies. Another benefit of healthier patients is the positive influence it has on lowering the cost of health care services.  

Your primary care team will help coordinate your care. We provide on-site or virtual support for care management, social work, pharmacy, and financial case management.

You’re a Leader in Your Care

A patient only spends a small amount of time in a doctor’s office. That means you’re in control of your own health every day! Here are some ways you can help you stay healthy and well. 

  • Pay attention to your health like most important activities, staying healthy requires a little bit of regular effort. Keeping track of any changes in your basic health (weight changes, any new unexplained symptoms, and a general sense of how you’re feeling) can help you spot possible medical issues before they become serious.

  • Communicate with your care team always keep us informed of any changes in your health, including any care or medication changes you may have received from other offices that we don’t know about.

  • Participate in your care if/when you do get sick, listen carefully to your care teams recommendations, ask questions if you have them, and be sure to follow the plan that’s been agreed on for your care. If you have further questions about your care plan, please reach out to your doctor's office directly. 

Our Pledge to You

At the heart of PCMH is a shared commitment between each and every care team member and every patient we serve. As your physicians, nurses, and support staff, we make this pledge to you and your family:

  • We will be available when you need us - by phone, through your MyCare (patient portal) account, or in person.

  • We will get to know you in all the ways that can help your care. That includes being aware of your health history and your family members as well.

  • We will help you understand any conditions you have, and how to best manage those conditions to help you stay healthy.

  • We will coordinate your care with you. A treatment plan should be understood and agreed upon by everyone. We’ll work with you during and after an appointment to make sure your plan works for you.

  • We’ll make your care as easy as possible, by collaborating with specialists and using all available technology to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.


Feel free to speak with your doctor or nurse about PCMH to learn more about how this approach can help you and your family enjoy improved health.