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Financial Conflict of Interest Policy

Any member of the public can contact the Director of the Rochester Regional Health Office of Sponsored Research for information concerning any Significant Financial Interest (SFI) disclosed to Rochester Regional that meets the following three criteria:

  1. The SFI was disclosed and is still held by the senior/key personnel;
  2. Rochester Regional Health determines that the SFI is related to the PHS-funded research and;
  3. Rochester Regional Health determines that the SFI is a FCOI

This information will be made available directly to the requesting individual within five (5) business days of receiving a written request.

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Contact information

Gayle Elledge, JD
Director, Office of Sponsored Research &
Rochester General Hospital FCOI Designated Official

Rochester Regional Health
1425 Portland Avenue
Rochester, NY 14621
Phone: (585) 922-0627
Email: [email protected]