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Office of Human Research Protection

The Office of Human Research Protection provides a focus and guiding set of principles to assure patient safety, the provision of full and informed consent by participants, and guidelines for researchers as to the ethical conduct of research and the ensuing scientific publication.

For questions or to learn more about the Office of Human Research Protection, contact:

Lynda J. Dimitroff, PhD, MSEd, BSN, LMHC-LP, RN, MCHES, PCC
Chair, Institutional Review Board
[email protected]

Renee Capizzi, RN, RAC
IRB Administrator
[email protected]

Lauren Fenclau
IRB Coordinator
[email protected]


Human Research Subject Protection Certifications

Institutional Review Board

RRH Institutional Review Board Policies & Procedures

Federal Regulations

Application for a New Research Study

To apply for a new study, complete the application for review form. Once you've completed the form, please send via email to [email protected] or Lauren Fenclau at [email protected].