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Going Home

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Going Home

Your medical team will work with you so you may leave the hospital as quickly as possible, but only when leaving will be more beneficial to you than continuing your stay. You can be certain when your doctor determines it's time for you to leave hospital, it is the right next step in your health care plan. It's really not in your best health interest to stay in the hospital longer than necessary. There are risks of getting certain infections here, that you won't be exposed to once discharged. You can begin to resume a more normal routine in a quieter and more restful place – like your home.

Your medical team starts to plan for your discharge almost as soon as you arrive. You will meet with a social worker who will help you plan for your transition from Hospital to home, or to other facilities as needed.

Our team will put in place a thorough plan for your care after you leave the hospital. If you are going home, you will receive clear written instructions that we will review with you before you leave. If you are leaving to go to another health care facility, our team will make all the necessary arrangements for transfer and will make sure all medical information is forwarded to the new facility so you may continue your care without interruption.