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When you come to us seeking an answer, a cure or a measure of relief, Rochester Regional Health Surgical Services responds with comprehensive, extraordinary care.

Why Should You Choose a Rochester Regional Health Surgeon? 

  • We bring a team approach to medicineone that includes you, our multidisciplinary group of nationally recognized physicians, and the primary care and referring physicians who know you best

  • We use the most advanced technology, including minimally invasive robotic surgical equipment, which makes astounding medicine possible

  • We dedicate ourselves to our patients, the health system and this community

  • We do it with uncompromising service, compassion and dignity

A Wide Range of Surgical Specialties

Sometimes your road to recovery means surgery - it's a decision we make together. With nationally recognized physicians and some of the most experienced surgeons in Rochester, the Rochester Regional Surgical Services team provides a broad range of surgical carefrom general surgery and plastic surgery to advanced neurosurgery and vascular surgeryand is at the forefront of healthcare.

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