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Your Hospital Room

Private And Semi-Private Rooms

Whether your admission is planned ahead or through our Emergency Department, you may be asked to select the type of room you would like - either semi-private or private. We try, whenever possible, to honor your preference.

Room assignments are made according to availability and according to your condition and the type of technology that you require. There’s a chance that the room you request will not be available at your admission time or that your condition will require you to be assigned to a different room. If this happens you will be charged the rate for the room you occupy.

Private rooms cost slightly more than semi-private rooms and insurance companies usually do not cover the cost. If you are brought to a private room and would like a semi-private, please let your nurse know that you would like to be moved as soon as a semi-private room becomes available. At Unity Hospital, all rooms are private. 


Most rooms have a TV, telephone, free wi-fi and a storage area. Learn more about our entertainment options

Your Bed

A staff member will show you how to use the controls that raise and lower the bed. Side rails are sometimes raised for your safety, especially at night, after surgery, or after you have received medications. If the side rails are up, please ask for assistance if you need to get out of bed. Do not try to climb over the rails.

Using The Call Button (Asking For Help)

The call button is located on the remote control at your bedside. Use it to ask for help when you need it. There is also a call button in the bathroom. 

Your bed has a call button that connects to the nursing station. To use it, simply press the button and wait for someone to answer, then deliver your message in a normal speaking voice. Your request will be handled as quickly as possible. It is best to ask for assistance before you get out of bed. 


Each room has a sink and toilet. Showers are available on each nursing unit. Use the call button if you need help getting to the bathroom. An emergency call button is located in each bathroom. If you are unable to get out of bed to go to the bathroom, call for assistance.

Mail & Flowers

Mail and flowers are delivered to patients Monday through Saturday. Patients in the Intensive Care Unit will receive their mail, but flowers are not allowed in the Intensive Care Unit.

Mail that arrives after you have left the Hospital will be forwarded to your home by the Mail Room. If you have any questions regarding your mail, please call (585) 922-4569.

At Rochester General Hospital, a Federal Express box is located outside the first floor lobby. The last daily pick-up is at 6 pm. There are no pick-ups on the weekends.