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Speak Up Program

We strive to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We are committed to providing high-quality compassionate care in partnership with you and your family. If you have a problem during your stay, please contact any member of our staff. Most times issues can be best dealt with by those directly involved.


Healthcare is a Partnership Between Patients and Caregivers

Speak up and do not be afraid to tell your nurse or doctor if you think you are about to receive the wrong medication, test, surgery or procedure.

Participate in marking your skin on the correct side if you are having surgery or a procedure.

Encourage hand cleaning and do not be afraid to gently remind a nurse, doctor or other caregiver to clean their hands before providing care. Handwashing or cleaning hands with a waterless cleansing solution are the most important ways to prevent the spread of infection.

Always tell your doctor or nurse of any past allergies or reactions to medicines; especially when you are about to start taking a new medicine.

Keep checking that your caregivers confirm your identity; that is, check your wristband or ask your name before administering any medication or treatment or taking you to another location.

Understand your medications including purpose, brand name, generic name, side effects and precautions.

Pay attention to the follow-up care that will be described to you before you leave the hospital. Ask questions and make sure you understand all of the instructions.


If you have a concern, safety issue, or a suggestion for improving patient care or safety, please call 585-922-5465 and select "Option 3".

If you need an immediate response to an issue, tell a staff member in the patient care unit/department that you would like to speak to the person in charge.

New York State Public Health Law requires us to inform you that the Office of Professional Medical Conduct of the NYS Department of Health maintains a website with information about patients’ rights and how to report professional misconduct. The address of that website is:

Thank you for helping us meet your needs.