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People of all ages decide to undergo plastic surgery to refine the size, shape, and symmetry of their breasts. Whether you are seeking to rejuvenate your figure after pregnancy, reduce the size of your breasts to help ease back pain, or reclaim your body and rebuild your breasts after cancer, our compassionate plastic surgeons are here to help guide you every step of the way.

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Types of Breast Surgery

At Rochester Regional Health’s Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Program, we understand that the options for breast enhancement surgery can feel overwhelming. Our board-certified plastic surgeons will work with you to carefully review your goals, help you understand your possibilities, and recommend procedures that will give you superior results to fit your lifestyle.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, also known as breast enlargement, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures. The goal of breast augmentation surgery is to increase breast size, restore breast fullness, and improve symmetry with silicone or saline-filled breast implants. Breast augmentation can be performed as a way to restore the breasts to their natural appearance before weight loss, aging, and pregnancy.

You may be a candidate for breast augmentation if you:

  • Are in good overall health
  • Are not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have fully developed breasts
  • Have realistic goals and expectations about the results

Our experienced plastic surgeons can help determine if breast augmentation is the right procedure to meet your unique needs.

At your initial consultation, you and your surgeon will review your personal and family medical history, discuss your goals and desired changes, and work together to determine the size and type of implant proportionate to your body type and that will best meet your desired cosmetic goals. Your surgeon will then carefully craft a treatment and follow-up plan to ensure long-lasting results.

Breast Reduction

Exceptionally large breasts can cause a variety of medical problems, including shoulder and neck pain, skin irritation, and even skeletal deformities. Breast reduction surgery may help alleviate that discomfort.

Breast reduction, also called reduction mammaplasty, is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat, breast tissue, and skin to create a breast size and shape that is smaller, lighter, and more proportionate to your body. Your surgeon can also reduce the size of your areola–the darker skin that surrounds your nipple.

You may be a candidate for breast reduction surgery if you:

  • Are in good overall health
  • Have realistic expectations about the results
  • Have breasts that limit your physical activity or cause shoulder, neck, or back pain
  • Want smaller breasts

Our experienced plastic surgeons can help determine if breast reduction is the right procedure to meet your unique needs.

Breast Reconstruction

If you had a mastectomy as part of your breast cancer treatment, or even as a preventative measure, it’s normal to mourn the loss of your breasts. Breast reconstruction surgery can help manage these emotions and help you move forward. This surgical procedure rebuilds the shape, appearance, and symmetry of one or both breasts after a mastectomy. The goal of the procedure is to rebuild breasts that look and feel as natural as possible.

Those who wish to pursue breast reconstruction surgery have a few options to consider, including the timing of the procedure and which technique may be right for you.


Breast cancer patients may choose to have immediate reconstruction surgery, which is performed at the same time as the mastectomy or delayed reconstruction, which is often performed months after the mastectomy.

Surgical Options

Reconstruction can generally be categorized into one of two types, but in some cases, a combination of the two may be used:

  • Implant reconstruction: a saline or silicone implant is used to rebuild the breast
  • Flap reconstruction (autologous reconstruction): your body tissue from another part of your body is used to rebuild your breasts

The timing and type of surgery appropriate for you will depend on:

  • the course of your cancer treatment
  • the type of mastectomy you received
  • your body type
  • your overall health
  • your desired results

Our team will work with you to determine the optimal treatment plan based on your needs.

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