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Rochester Regional Health is committed to providing the best possible care to transgender and gender-nonconforming patients. We aim to align your gender identity with your physical characteristics by offering gender affirmation surgeries to help you feel comfortable in your body.

Here, you’ll find compassionate surgeons with expert skills. In our supportive, inclusive environment, we’ll work with you to identify your goals and address your fears and concerns.

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What is Gender Affirmation Surgery?

Also called gender confirmation surgery, gender affirmation surgery is a group of surgical procedures that align your physical body characteristics to your gender identity, helping you fully transition to the gender you identify with.

For many, gender affirmation surgery can also help to eliminate gender dysphoria and lead to improved quality of life and mental health.

Who Is A Candidate for Gender Affirmation Surgery?

Patients who have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria, have already socially transitioned, and are legally able to consent to surgery are excellent candidates for gender affirmation procedures.

Ideal candidates for these surgical procedures are in good overall health and have realistic expectations for their results.

Gender Affirmation Surgeries We Perform

Our expert plastic surgeons specialize in transgender and gender-nonconforming surgical services including transfeminine top surgeries and transmasculine top surgery. We work alongside you to identify the surgical procedures that best meet your gender affirmation goals

Transfeminine Surgery (Male to Female)

Transfeminine surgeries are for patients that want to change their bodies physically to have female characteristics. These procedures are commonly referred to as male to female or MTF. Rochester Regional Health offers transfeminine surgical services addressing the top parts of your body.

Transfeminine Top Surgery

Transfeminine top surgery, also called feminizing breast surgery, breast augmentation, chest construction, or breast mammoplasty, is for patients that want to increase the size and shape of their breasts beyond what hormone therapy can provide.

This single-stage procedure takes the following into account to ensure your provider uses the best technique available to your situation:

  • Desired size of breast enlargement
  • Type of implant used/desired
  • Implant location (above or below the muscle)
  • Incision placement

Each patient’s surgery is unique. Our board-certified plastic surgeons will talk through your goals and recommend a treatment plan that gives you the most natural and true-to-you results.

Transmasculine Surgery (Female to Male)

Transmasculine surgeries are for patients wanting to change their bodies physically to have male characteristics. These procedures are often referred to as female to male or FTM. Rochester Regional Health offers transmasculine top surgery or surgical procedures above the navel.

Transmasculine Top Surgery

Known medically as a mastectomy, transmasculine top surgery, or Female to Male (FTM) top surgery, removes existing breast skin and tissue, flattening the chest and leaving the patient with more sculpted and masculine chest contours. In many cases, the nipple and areola are also resized, reshaped, and placed in a more masculine position.

Transmasculine top surgery is a single-stage procedure that can be performed in several ways. Your provider will take the following into account to ensure they choose the right technique for your situation:

  • Amount of breast tissue
  • Amount of excess skin
  • Your goals for nipple sensation

Each patient’s surgery is unique. Our board-certified plastic surgeons will talk through your goals and recommend a treatment plan that gives you the most natural and true-to-you results.

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Your journey through gender affirmation can be deeply personal and life-changing. We’re here to help make the process as comfortable as possible. If you are ready to speak with one of our plastic surgeons or would like more information about our gender affirmation surgeries, please call us at (585) 723-7670.
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