Revision Spine Surgery

Orthopaedic Spine Care

What is Revision Spine Surgery?

A revision spine surgery is a surgical procedure that is used to correct a previous surgery that did not yield the intended results, including if the person continues to suffer from chronic pain after surgery. To handle these complex surgeries, you need years of experience and a focused team – both of which can be found at Rochester Regional Health’s Orthopaedic Spine Program.

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When is a Spine Surgery Revision Needed?  

In most cases, spine surgery is successful in treating your condition and relieving the pain or other symptoms you are experiencing.

In rare cases, your symptoms may not be relieved. The goal of revision spine surgery is to treat the underlying condition and decrease symptoms if you have not responded to nonsurgical follow-up treatment options and continue to experience pain.

Common reasons for spinal surgery revision include:

  • Disc herniation recurrence
  • Adjacent spinal level stenosis or degeneration
  • Spinal instability or deformity
  • Spinal fusion failure to heal
  • Spinal hardware (rods, screws, plates) failure or loosening
  • Fracture
  • Nerve damage
  • Scar tissue

Expertise in Revision Spine Surgery

Our expert orthopaedic team will diagnose the source of your pain, evaluate your previous surgery and medical history, and determine the best possible treatment plan depending on your unique condition and goals.

Commonly, we see and treat patients who have previously undergone spinal surgeries ranging from discectomy to multilevel scoliosis procedures. We treat our patients and those from other surgeons that may require revision surgery for adjacent segment stenosis, post-surgical instability, or post-surgical deformity. If you have had a nerve decompression operation and did not receive adequate relief of leg or arm symptoms, it may be because spinal instability requires reconstruction.

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Our board-certified orthopaedic spine surgeons and skilled professionals will work with you to assess your back or neck condition, develop the right treatment plan that fits your lifestyle and guide you every step of the way.
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