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Chemical Dependency Inpatient Rehabilitation

At Hope Haven, we proudly welcome every person struggling with acute substance use disorder (SUD). Each patient is treated by a multidisciplinary team of medical and mental health professionals who use a person-centered approach – meaning every person’s care is unique to their recovery journey. Our goal is to support patients who are stabilizing from acute substance use by discovering the impacts that substance use is having on their life, and facilitate a return to a goal-oriented future they desire. We are accepting new patients immediately – there is no need to wait to find the help you need.

What to expect

Located on the second floor of the Jerome Center, Hope Haven is an inclusive and safe environment that welcomes patients of all genders who are focusing on their recovery. Our secured unit features 22 patient beds. There are two patients to each room, which includes a shared bathroom. Patients will also share in utilizing the group rooms, recreation room and dining hall for therapeutic activities and socializing. Therapist offices are close by for each patient to visit their weekly 1:1 therapy session, and have easy access to the nursing station.

Registered nurses and skill ancillary staff are on site around the clock, and patients will have access to the medical provider as any needs arise.

Programs & activities

Daily programs are part of every patient’s experience, and are offered throughout the day from morning to evening. Breaks for snacks, meals, and reflection are built into programming.

Groups are offered multiple times per day and derive from evidence-based practices with a multitude of topics and skills that patients can adopt throughout their treatment. We offer recreational activities that complement the clinical components to the program. Our goal is to provide patients with gained awareness to their addiction and a tool box of skills to support healthy lifestyle changes on their journey to recovery.

We're ready to help

For more information on the Hope Haven Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program and immediate access to support, please contact our SAFE Line at (585) 723-7233. We look forward to assisting you.

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16 Bank Street, 2nd Floor
Batavia, NY 14020

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Located in the Jerome Medical Center Building

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Phone Number: (585) 922-9900

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