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Sarah Perkins

sarah perkins2Sarah Olivia Dewey Perkins was a moving spirit in the interests of the Rochester City Hospital for over forty-six years. A member of the Female Charitable Society and member of the Board of Lady Managers since the Hospital's opening, she guided it through the rapid changes in healthcare in the late nineteenth-century. She held the position of Treasurer for most of the time she was with the Managers, and served as President (1889-1893). Mrs. Perkins was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, November 30, 1827.

sarah perkinsIn 1848 she married William H. Perkins who died ten years later. She never remarried. The Perkins had two children. Sarah Dewey Perkins died August 1, 1911 after a long and full life of ninety-four years. (Hospital Review, August 1911.)