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Regimental Dressing Stations

The initial treatment of wounded soldiers was usually administered at regimental dressing stations that were located close to the battle lines and protected by earthworks or other natural defenses. These stations were typically manned by one Regimental Assistant Surgeon and one or two medical attendants. The wounded would either come to the dressing station or be helped there by comrades. Wounds were treated with rough dressings and whiskey and opium pills would be administered to ease pain. Ideally, each regiment was assigned six ambulances with six drivers and twelve stretcher bearers that would evacuate the wounded to the Division field hospital.

reg dress station
Wounded Confederate soldiers seek shade in makeshift tents using blankets and sticks and rifles for tent poles at a Regimental Aid Station
aided by Dr. Anson Hurd of the 14th Indiana Volunteers. Courtesy of the Library of Congress, LC-B815-588
zouave ambulance crew
A Zouave ambulance crew demonstrating the removal of wounded soldiers from the field. Courtesy of the Library of Congress, LC-B817-7285