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Youth Apprentice Program

Student Experiences

"The Youth Apprentice Program has benefited me in my current position because it opened many doors and opportunities for me. YAP also helped me find my niche in healthcare." - Lidia M.

 I started the program thinking that I wanted to be a clinician and I ended the program knowing that I enjoyed the business aspect of healthcare instead. My best experience as a YAP student was working in the Special Care Nursery. I learned so much in this department and everyone in the SPC was genuinely interested in helping me learn.

YAP had a major influence on my career path. If it weren't for the program I would not have discovered that there was more to healthcare than just the clinical side. I am currently pursuing my Master's degree in Health Systems Administration; with this I hope to progress into an administrative role in healthcare and essentially become an executive operations leader. 


"The exposure that I had through the program allowed me to choose a career that I had no idea was available to me before joining the program. The program allowed me to make valuable connections with people who share my passion for international humanitarian aid work." - Ream


The YAP helped me to gain exposure to the inner workings of the hospital environment. In addition to doctors and nurses, there is a very diverse range of roles that are needed to keep a hospital running, most of which would not have been known to me had I not participated in the program. My current occupation, in the biomedical engineering department was one of those vital, but not necessarily well known jobs.

My best experiences during my time in the program was participating as a volunteer with InterVol, the non-profit organization out of Rochester General. I was able to participate as a student observer on humanitarian aid mission to Rosebud Indian Reservation.

I plan to use the skills I’ve learned to continue to build relationships between the Rochester health care community and communities in need both in the US and internationally. 


 "The YAP has exposed me to a variety of occupations in the medical field. I have been able to gain on hands experience that other high school students may not have been exposed to as 11th or 12 graders. I have a better understanding of team work, responsibility and dependability as well." - David


 I have enjoyed socializing with patients, team members and other students in the program.  One of my best experiences has been traveling to New York City on our Health Exploration Field Trip and visiting the Burn Unit at New York Presbyterian Hospital, it was an amazing and memorable experience.

Initially, I was interested in the Architecture field but after working here at RGH in the youth apprentice program my interest are now in the healthcare field particularly Radiology. I plan to attend college upon graduating from Rochester Early College - International High School. Currently, I am thinking about pursuing a degree in Healthcare Field.


"I am now better equipped to handle situations and know a variety of people in the Rochester General Health System. They are very willing to help me along in life, such as letters of recommendations and more." - Monica

The YAP has helped me to know what path suits me the best. One of my best experiences was working in the Emergency Room and being able to see traumas.

I am more geared to being in the Paramedic field than anything else. I plan to pursue a career as a Paramedic and enjoy working on an ambulance.