Rochester General Hospital Research Institute

Research at Rochester General Hospital brings together expert, dedicated researchers to pursue vital clinical and translational work that impacts the health of human beings worldwide. We draw on alliances that support our pursuit of innovative solutions to human health problems and enjoy partnerships with world-class medical and scientific institutions including The Cleveland Clinic, Roswell Park Cancer Institute and Rochester Institute of Technology. 

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Center for Clinical Systems Biology

At Rochester Regional Health, we are harnessing the power of computational science to unravel the complexity of illnesses that defy conventional approaches to diagnosis and treatment.  Working shoulder to shoulder with medical scientists from a broad range of clinical specialties we apply the basic principles engineering, physics, information science and biology to break the molecular code of illness and design targeted clinical trials directed at the safe and effective delivery of immune and hormone therapies.

Our highly cross-disciplinary team is part of a larger network of regional, national and international collaborators working together to fulfill a focused mission jointly funded by the Dept. of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the National Institutes of Health and the community. 

With your help, we're transforming the way cutting edge molecular and computational medicine technology can be harnessed to translate basic research into more effective treatment and better health care. 

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Center for Clinical Research & Clinical Trials

At Rochester Regional Health, we help patients play a more hopeful, active role in their health care. Patients who participate in our safe, well-controlled clinical trials gain access to new treatments before they're widely available. Participants also help advance alternatives that bring hope to other patients.

Our highly educated, caring, passionate staff counts on participants like you to help break new ground in the development of drugs and devices. By expanding our relationships with primary care physicians and other providers, we're bringing more alternatives to more patients throughout the community.

With your help, we're transforming the way that health care is conceived and delivered. 

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Neurology Research and Clinical Trials

The Neuroscience Department at Rochester Regional Health is dedicated to providing the highest level of care for its patients. Clinical trials are fundamental for the discovery of new treatments and for developing evidence based medicine, which is considered the best medical care. Participating in clinical trials allows us to offer the latest, cutting edge treatment to our patients and gives them the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of care for future patients. To pursue the goal of developing and providing the highest level of care, our research team is recruiting patients for the listed clinical multi-center trials. 

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Office of Human Research Protection

The Office of Human Research Protection provides a focus and guiding set of principles to assure patient safety, the provision of full and informed consent by participants, and guidelines for researchers as to the ethical conduct of research and the ensuing scientific publication. 

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