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Advanced technology with a personal touch.
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What is eHealth at Home?

If you are living with congestive heart failure, it’s important to monitor changes in your condition. Rochester Regional Health’s eHealth at Home program enables us to manage your health from the comfort of your own home. eHealth at Home combines our electronic medical system, MyCare patient portal, advanced telemonitoring technology, and innovative at-home care. It gives you direct and easy access to your eHealth at Home team and empowers you to understand your symptoms so that you can be a partner in your own care.
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How it Works

Using a combination of technology and home visits, your care team will track information related to changes in your health. If we find that your treatment needs adjusting, we’ll contact you and take immediate steps to modify your care. In many cases, you can be treated in your home for medical conditions that traditionally require a hospital stay.

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Direct Access to Your Nursing Team

What are the biggest benefits of eHealth at Home? First and foremost, peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that your condition is being routinely monitored. Your nurse navigator will check in with you every few weeks or more frequently if needed.

e-Health at Home at a Glance

Advanced technology with a personal touch, eHealth at Home is ideal for patients with congestive heart failure who want or need to receive care and monitoring at home. eHealth at Home:
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Provides routine monitoring and assistance with self-care
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Reduces emergency room visits and hospital stays
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Helps providers anticipate problems and react quickly
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Ensures optimal wellness and symptom management

Patient Testimonials

When I first started out with my heart failure issues, I never thought that everybody would be so concerned about me.  EHealth@Home has been wonderful and I appreciate everything they have done for me.

- Wesley W. Bleier, Patient, eHealth

I’ve known Angela Karnes since my days in the clinic in the early 80’s. She is loving, considerate, kind, thorough and an amazing patient advocate. She has saved my life more than once and without the EHealth@Home program, I know I still wouldn't be here.

- Vicky Alfano, Patient, eHealth

Our Nurse Practitioners

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Get Started

Our goal is to provide high-tech, personalized care in the comfort of your own home. If you or a loved one is interested in eHealth at Home, contact your primary care physician or specialist or call us at (585) 922-2194.
Call Us: (585) 922-2194