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Headache and facial pain are general terms used to describe pain in the head, face or neck. Most people will experience an occasional headache during their lifetime. But for some, headaches can be chronic and severe, making day-to-day activities difficult. To determine the best treatment option for you, we begin by pinpointing the source of the pain.

Headaches are generally categorized into two types – primary headaches and secondary headaches.

Primary Headaches

Primary headaches are headaches that do not result from another medical condition.The types of primary headaches we treat include:

Secondary Headaches

Secondary headaches are less common than primary headaches and are caused by another condition that triggers pain-sensitive areas in the neck and head. Secondary headaches can be related to sinus problems, hormone imbalances, anxiety, injury, or more severe conditions such as aneurysm, or tumor.

Types of secondary headaches we treat include:

Facial Pain Disorders

Facial pain is pain in the head, face, and/or mouth. It can be caused by diseases or disorders affecting the mouth and face, but it can also arise as a result of problems in the nervous system, or as referred pain that arises from conditions elsewhere in the body but is felt in the head or mouth.

Types of facial pain disorders we treat include:

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