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Diagnostic Imaging

2diagnosticimaging2From X-rays and ultrasounds to DEXA scans and fluoroscopy, Rochester General Health System (RGHS) offers Diagnostic Imaging services for everything from a possible bone fracture to more complicated concerns. While simple procedures such as traditional X-rays are common, painless and non-invasive, we also provide specialized services that are more specific in nature, including Upper Gastrointestinal Exams (UGI), cystography, ultrasound guided biopsy and more.

At RGHS, we understand no matter how simple or routine a procedure may be for us, it may also be quite concerning and foreign to you. But we are here to help. Our team of fellowship-trained doctors and experienced, professional staff will make sure you are both informed and comfortable every step of the way.

Diagnostic imaging procedures performed by our experienced staff:

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