Medical Imaging Services at United Memorial

The Most Convenient Imaging Possible

medical imagingUnited Memorial's Diagnostic Medical Imaging Services offer the highest level of technology available in our region with convenient locations throughout Genesee County. All are fully accredited by the American College of Radiology.

Digital software platforms allow us to send your medical images to any specialist or provider, anywhere. Our Diagnostic Centers are conveniently located in Batavia, LeRoy, and the Pembroke/Corfu area.

General X-rays can be performed at all of our Diagnostic Centers and the Jerome Center offers an expanded number of medical imaging services including:

  • CT scanning
  • 3D and 4D ultrasound
  • Dexascan for bone density scanning
  • Digital mammography

MRI services are provided at the Hospital at 127 North Street as well as PET scanning, fluoroscopy, and nuclear medicine studies.

All of the medical imaging services performed at United Memorial utilize digital technology so that they may be easily shared with your physician and made part of your electronic medical record.

We're here to help

For additional information on any of our medical imaging services please call (585) 344-5444.


  • Barry Rosenberg, MD