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Mammography Services at Rochester Regional Health

Rochester Regional Health's Imaging and Radiology team offers the full range of women's health imaging services, including mammography services and 3D mammography, in convenient locations throughout the Rochester, Upstate New York and Finger Lakes regions

14digitalmammographyMammography uses a low-dose x-ray system to see inside breast tissue. A mammogram is used to detect and evaluate changes in your breast tissue that could be indicators of conditions such as breast cancer. With digital mammography, x-ray film is replaced by technology that converts x-rays into digital images. Those images are then transferred to a computer for review by a radiologist.

Who Should Get a Mammogram?

For most women 40 and older, annual breast screenings are an important part of maintaining health. Some women under 40 may also qualify based on other risk factors, such as family history.

Should I Get A Mammogram?


What Happens During a Mammogram?

The technologist will call you in to a private section of the office. They will then bring you in to a mammography suite and position your breast on the detector of the mammography machine. A special device will then gently compress (or flatten) your breast to spread the tissue and produce a more uniform thickness. You may feel a sensation of pressure or tightness as the breast is being compressed.

Once the technologist takes x-rays of your breast in different positions, the procedure is repeated from the other breast. The entire procedure usually takes about 30 minutes.

What Are the Risks and Benefits of a Mammogram?

Mammography is a safe procedure with minimal exposure to radiation. The benefits of frequent mammograms, especially in women over age 40, can help reduce the number of deaths caused by breast cancer through early detection.

How Should I Prepare for My Mammogram?

We ask that our patients refrain from wearing deodorant or powder the day of the exam as such products leave a residue on the machine that may interfere with the images. No dietary restrictions exist. We also suggest that women consider scheduling the exam with their menstrual cycle in mind to avoid times of breast tenderness. 

If you are pregnant or suspect you may be pregnant, please discuss this procedure with your physician before making your appointment.

Are Mammograms Covered by Insurance? 

Routine mammogram screenings are covered by most insurance providers. Financial assistance may be available to those not covered. Please call (585) 922-1900 for more information. 

What is a 3D Mammogram?

3D Mammography is the most comprehensive breast screening and diagnostic tool available. Rochester Regional Health's revolutionary 3-D technology uses a low-dose x-ray to examine the tissue and to detect tumors and other abnormalities. During the exam, the breast is momentarily compressed between two x-ray plates while a computer produces a three-dimensional image of the tissue. 

What Happens During a 3D Mammography Exam?

3D mammography complements standard digital mammography and can be performed at the same time. No additional compression is required and it takes a few seconds longer for each view.

What are the Risks and Benefits of a 3D Mammogram?

Benefits: Earlier and more accurate breast cancer detection.

Risks: Briefly exposes patients to low-dose radiation. 

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