Rotator Cuff Pain

Restoring Rotator Cuff Function

If your shoulder pain is the result of a rotator cuff tear, the Rochester Regional Health Shoulder Care Program team will work with you to assess your goals and determine the best approach to restore function – including shoulder surgery to repair or reconstruct the tissues surrounding the rotator cuff.

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Rotator Cuff Injuries

A rotator cuff is a group of four muscles and tendons that work together to raise your arm, lift objects away from your body, and rotate your shoulder behind your back. These muscles and tendons can be torn with overuse, repetitive activity, and even traumatic injuries or falls.

Rotator cuff tears are extremely common in the United States, with almost 2 million people visiting a doctor each year because of a rotator cuff problem. Because this muscle group is a key part of helping you move your shoulder, a torn rotator cuff may impact daily activities like brushing your hair, getting dressed, and reaching for objects. Pain is mainly localized to the outer part of your arm and commonly presents aggressively at night.

Management of Rotator Cuff Tears

After an evaluation, our Orthopaedic Shoulder specialists will provide you with the best possible treatment plan, typically starting with non-surgical options including:

  • Pain control through ice, heat, and over-the-counter medication
  • Lifestyle changes – avoiding activities that pain your shoulder
  • Injection Based Therapy – cortisone/ biologic treatment (PRP/Stem Cells)
  • Physical therapy to restore range of motion, strength, and stability to the shoulder

Non-Surgical Care

When non-surgical treatments are not successful, we may recommend surgery to treat your rotator cuff using cutting-edge minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques. Our shoulder orthopedic specialists repair rotator cuff tears by reattaching the tendon back to the bone utilizing small incisions and anchors. This works to tackle your pain and restore your shoulder’s function.

Anatomy of the rotator cuff, both anterior and posterior view
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Our board-certified orthopedic shoulder surgeons and skilled professionals will work with you to assess your shoulder condition, develop the right treatment plan that fits your lifestyle and guide you every step of the way.
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