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Shoulder pain or injury can significantly impact your everyday activities and life–leading to difficulty sleeping, and struggling with simple tasks and hygiene. If you find that you are dealing with shoulder-related pain and limitations, it’s important to get an evaluation from an expert who can accurately assess and treat the cause of your pain. Rochester Regional Health’s Shoulder experts treat thousands of patients in our area each year and can help you manage and recover from any surgery injury. Call (585) 922-BONE to schedule a consultation.
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  • Rotator Cuff Injuries

    If your shoulder pain is the result of a rotator cuff tear, we’ll work with you to assess your goals and determine the best approach to restore function. For some, it’s conservative injury management with physical therapy and/or injections. For others, it’s minimally invasive shoulder surgery to reconstruct the tissues surrounding your rotator cuff.

    Learn about Rotator Cuff Injury Treatment Options
  • Shoulder Arthritis and Shoulder Replacements

    Shoulder arthritis usually happens because of natural and gradual cartilage wear and tear in your shoulder joints. It can cause shoulder pain, shoulder stiffness, or a grinding or clicking feeling in your shoulder. Rochester Regional Health has some of the area’s only experts who are specially trained and experienced in conducting shoulder replacement surgeries.

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  • Sports-Related Injuries and Shoulder Fractures

    Our Shoulder Team specializes in treating shoulder injuries, including proximal humerus fractures, clavicle fractures, and scapula fractures. These injuries are often caused by traumatic falls, sports injuries, and motor vehicle accidents and should be managed promptly to maximize the function of your shoulder.

    Learn about Shoulder Fractures and Injuries
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Non-Surgical Shoulder Treatment and Biologic Treatments

Our program takes a conservative approach whenever possible – providing non-surgical options including non-narcotic medication for pain control, cortisone injections, physical therapy, and activity modification planning. We also offer cutting-edge biologic treatment options including PRP injections and Stem Cell injections to treat shoulder-related pain/injuries.

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Our board-certified physicians and skilled professionals will work with you to assess your shoulder pain or injury, develop the right treatment plan that fits your lifestyle and guide you every step of the way.
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