Did you know that people with insomnia are two-and-a-half times more likely to have accidents than other drivers? According to studies, they’re also less likely to advance in their careers, since lack of sleep affects concentration, analytical thinking, and creativity. On top of all this, insomnia also weakens your immune system and increases your risk of depression. And 30 percent of Americans suffer from it!

The Insomnia Clinic at the Unity Sleep Disorders Center is one of the first full-time insomnia clinics in the United States. Our highly trained specialists will create effective treatment plans that can help the majority of troubled sleepers—often without medication.

Cognitive/Behavioral therapy is the changing of unrealistic beliefs and irrational fears regarding sleep and particularly the loss of sleep. This technique is particularly valuable in decreasing the anxiety associated with insomnia. This therapy is very effective: it does not involve medication, and clinical studies show that this therapy is as effective as sleeping pills, and produces longer lasting results.

If your sleep disorder does require a prescription, we can arrange that for you, and we’ll discuss it with you and your physician. And if we feel that it’s necessary, we may arrange an overnight sleep study.