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Working Together to Prevent and Treat Strokes

Every 40 seconds, someone in the U.S. has a stroke. The faster the stroke is treated, the more likely the patient is to recover. Help save a life by recognizing the signs of a stroke, and where to go for help if and when it strikes.
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Our Stroke Centers

Every second matters for stroke patients.
Immediate medical attention is lifesaving and can reduce the possibility of long-term disability and complications.
Rochester Regional Health has four recognized stroke centers that provide rapid access to lifesaving stroke care.

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    Rochester General Hospital

    The Stroke Center at Rochester General Hospital is recognized as a DNV-certified and New York State-certified Comprehensive Stroke Center. Recently ranked by U.S. News & World Report as a high performing hospital in stroke care, more patients are treated for a stroke at Rochester General Hospital than almost any other hospital in New York State. These certifications prove our ability to deliver the highest quality of specialized care to patients with the most complex strokes throughout the course of their diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

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    United Memorial Medical Center

    United Memorial Medical Center is a DNV-certified and New York State-certified Primary Stroke Center. The ability to meet the specific and stringent criteria set forth by these designations is a testament to the strength of collaboration between our stroke program and emergency medicine, and to the excellence of our entire stroke team.

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    Unity Hospital

    The Stroke Center at Unity Hospital is a DNV-certified and New York State-certified Primary Stroke Center, was recently ranked by U.S. News & World Report as a high performing hospital in stroke care, and has received the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s "Get with the Guidelines Gold-Plus Quality Achievement Award" for four years in a row. These awards prove our commitment to providing the best possible stroke care and acknowledges our stroke program in meeting and exceeding all stroke care practice measures.

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    Newark-Wayne Community Hospital

    Newark-Wayne Community Hospital is a DNV-certified and New York State-certified Primary Stroke Center, demonstrating our commitment to supporting better outcomes for stroke care. Our ability to administer this model of high-quality care means that patients in Western NY have access to the latest stroke treatments and specialized care close to home.

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Our Stroke Experts

Our acute stroke team of neurologists, neurointerventional surgeons, neurosurgeons, nurses, physiatrists, pharmacists, and therapists are specialists in stroke treatment. With rigorous training in rapid-response procedures, we work seamlessly to deliver nationally recognized stroke care. Our care teams' focus is on quickly assessing our patients, providing treatments that can save their lives, limit long-term disability, prevent complications, and decrease the risk of having another stroke.

Meet Our Stroke Team
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Why Choose Rochester Regional Health Stroke Centers

Rochester Regional Health is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of care to meet the specialized needs of people affected by stroke. Our experienced providers lead the region in the number of stroke cases treated and in how treatment is delivered. We implement aggressive protocols and stroke treatment quality measures to provide fast and reliable diagnoses and advanced treatments to reduce complications and improve quality of life. And, after you or a family member have suffered a stroke we offer education, rehabilitation, and support for patients and families. 

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Need a Doctor?

Regular check-ups are important in detecting problems before they become serious. Your doctor can evaluate your risk for stroke and help you control your risk factors. If you don’t have a doctor, browse our list of Primary Care physicians that are currently accepting new patients.
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Stroke Research

As a comprehensive stroke center, Rochester General Hospital participates in multiple clinical research studies (clinical trials). Conducting clinical trials allows us to offer the latest, cutting-edge treatments to our patients and gives them the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of care for future patients. Call (585) 922-5365 to learn more about our current clinical research studies. 

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Are You At Risk For A Stroke?

The best way to stop a stroke is before it starts. Be proactive and take our 10-question Stroke Quiz to help determine if you may be at risk for a stroke.

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