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At Rochester Regional Health, we understand your busy schedule. That's why our Mobile Mammography Center and certified mammography technologists are bringing the same exceptional care and advanced technology found in our imaging centers to you.

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Booking your mammogram is simple. Choose a time and location that suits you best, and we'll take care of the rest.

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Stay updated on our next stop near you! Our mobile unit travels extensively, ensuring convenient access to screenings for all.

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Prepare For Your Mammogram

Here is how you can prepare for your mammogram, and what to expect.

Previous Record Comparison

If you've had mammograms elsewhere, we'll help coordinate access to your records.

Arrive Early and Bring ID

Please arrive a few minutes early with your photo ID and insurance card.

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What to Expect During Your Mammogram

Our team of certified mammography technologists are committed to making your mammography a respectful and comfortable experience:

• You will be provided with a private changing area and given a comfortable robe to wear during the screening.
• An expert female technologist will position your breast for the mammogram.
• Your breast is then briefly compressed while she takes pictures from different angles.
• The actual breast compression only lasts a few seconds.
• The entire screening is quick, typically lasting only 15 minutes.

Why Do I Need a Mammogram?

Breast cancer, one of the most common cancers in women, is highly treatable when detected early. Mammograms are the most effective screening procedure for the early signs of breast cancer.

The American College of Radiology suggests women start annual screenings at age 40, or earlier for those with specific risk factors.

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Stay updated on our next stop near you! Our mobile unit travels extensively, ensuring convenient access to screenings for all.

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Scheduling your mammogram is simple and convenient. Book yours today or call (585) 922-PINK for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions we are asked about screenings and the Mobile Mammography Center. If you have additional questions or concerns, please call (585) 922-PINK for more information.

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