Ostomy Program

Guiding you through every step 

Living life with an ostomy doesn’t need to keep you or a loved one from living a full and healthy life. That’s why the staff at the Ostomy Program at Rochester Regional Wound Care Center is here to support you.

Your doctor or surgeon may recommend an ostomy to treat a digestive or urinary system disease. The surgery involves creating an opening (stoma) from inside the body to the outside to help eliminate waste.

Ostomy surgery is a common procedure. Every year, an estimated 113,000 people need a temporary or permanent ostomy. Hundreds of thousands of individuals live, work and maintain relationships with an ostomy. 

Live life confidently

Education is the key to living confidently and comfortably with an ostomy. Our individualized services are tailored to specific needs at every stage of stoma care, from pre-operative visits to post-operative teaching and follow-up visits.


Pre-Operative Teaching

We’ll work closely with you and your surgeon to determine the best location for your ostomy. Most importantly, we’ll spend time discussing the specific type of ostomy, including what you can expect to see and feel. You’ll also begin learning how to care for the stoma.


Post-Operative Care

Whether your ostomy is short-term or long-term, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the idea of managing a stoma. Our staff is here for you, providing the hands-on training and education you need to feel confident caring for a stoma and its appliances. We’ll help you:

  • Care for the skin around the stoma, and learn how to reduce skin irritation
  • Prevent odors and unexpected leaks
  • Understand the importance of diet and nutrition

Follow-Up Visits

Whether an ostomy is new or has been in place for a while, our follow-up services are designed to make sure you or your loved one continues living life to the fullest. Our experienced staff closely monitors and measures the fit and function of appliances, ensuring everything is working at its best. When needed, we can provide recommendations and options on appliance updates and adjustments, which can help minimize leaks and odors.


Our team is also available for counseling at every stage of living with an ostomy, and can help answer common questions such as:

  • What type of clothing is best to wear?
  • When can I return to work?
  • Can I continue exercising?
  • Will I be able to be intimate with my partner?

Experienced care

You will meet with an experienced professional who will help answer your questions about caring for an ostomy and leading an active life. Together, you will design an individualized plan to meet your needs.

Christa Heinsler is an adult nurse practitioner and certified wound ostomy nurse with the Ostomy Program. She brings more than 22 years of experience and understanding to patients and their families. She received her bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Columbia University and master’s in Nursing from the University of Rochester.

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Our Ostomy Program is conveniently located at the Rochester Regional Wound Care Center at Portland off Route 104.

Our office is easily accessible with free parking and no stairs.

Physician referrals are not needed, and family or friends are welcome during appointments. We are pleased to accept most insurance.

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