Community Youth Behavioral Health

Meeting a Growing Need        

One in five children and teens experience a mental health problem while school-aged (per the United States Department of Health and Human Services). These concerns include–but are not limited to–anxiety, bullying, depression, family problems, learning disabilities, and/or substance abuse issues. While the number of reported mental health concerns among children and teens is growing each year, an estimated 60% of these children are not receiving the care they need.

This is why Community Youth Behavioral Health at Rochester Regional Health meets kids where they are. Our mental health services are available throughout the community, in schools across Monroe County, and Victor and Geneseo. Schools provide an excellent location for prevention, intervention, and positive engagement, as well as fostering regular communication between children, their parents, and their school. With locations throughout the region, we are ready to help children through issues of all sizes. 

Comprehensive Community-Based Behavioral Health Care

By making behavioral health care available at schools and other community locations, our team partners with local schools and community centers to help reduce existing mental health stigmas and combat access inequities.

Our team of therapists, child psychiatrists, and psychiatric nurse practitioners is specially trained in child development, culturally responsive services, diversity, mental health law, and school systems. This allows us to understand where kids are coming from and provide them the care they need to grow and thrive during these formative years. 

Utilizing evidence-based therapy practices, our Community Youth Behavioral Health programs provides invaluable mental health services where they’re needed most.

Removing Barriers to Access

Lack of transportation, health insurance barriers, financial constraints, and the lack of available therapists are common reasons why more than half of families who begin therapy terminate prematurely. By removing these barriers, we can give children and youths the care they need. We can also utilize intervention strategies and closely monitor the results in a comfortable, well-known setting.

35+ Community Locations and Growing

Interested in your child accessing mental health treatment in your local school district? Contact your child's principal or school social worker today. You can also email or call Caitlin Bradley, Manager of Rochester Regional Health's Community Youth Behavioral Health services to get more information.

Currently, Community Youth Behavioral Health services are in the following school districts:

  • Brockport
  • East Rochester
  • Gates Chili
  • Geneseo
  • Greece
  • Hilton
  • Spencerport
  • Victor
  • Webster
  • West Irondequoit

We look forward to providing your child with the care he or she needs in a convenient, school or community center location. 

School-Based Health Centers

Staffed by caring and dedicated professionals, School-Based Health Centers provide the care your child needs at a convenient location - school! These services are free to those located within the Rochester City School District, regardless of insurance or immigration status.

Learn More about Our RCSD School-Based Health Centers